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Kimberley Park State School iPad BYOD Program Acceptable Use Policy 2018.pdf2018 BYOD iPAD Acceptable Use PolicyKimberley Park State School iPad BYOD Program Acceptable Use Policy 2018559 KB
Kimberley Park State School iPad BYOD HANDBOOK 2018.pdf2018 BYOD iPAD HandbookKimberley Park State School iPad BYOD HANDBOOK 2018692 KB
Kimberley Park State School iPad BYOD Program Staff Participation Form 2018.pdf2018 BYOD Staff Participation FormKimberley Park State School iPad BYOD Program Staff Participation Form 2018537 KB
Kimberley Park State School iPad BYOD Program Student Participation Form 2018.pdf2018 BYOD Student Participation FormKimberley Park State School iPad BYOD Program Student Participation Form 2018521 KB
2018 Booklist Ver1.0 - Parent Item List.pdf2018 KPSS Booklist Non-SRS participants2018 Booklist Ver1.0 - Parent Item List393 KB
Uniform Shop Order Form 2018.docx2018 Uniform Order FormUniform Shop Order Form 201870 KB
agreement-to-hire-school-facilities-form.docAgreement to hire school facilities formagreement-to-hire-school-facilities-form315 KB
budget-submission.pdfBudget submissionbudget-submission17 KB
chaplaincy-permission-form.pdfChaplaincy permission formchaplaincy-permission-form101 KB
CHS Developmental Milestones (849KB).pdfCHS Developmental Milestones (PDF 849KB)CHS Developmental Milestones (849KB)849 KB
school-dental-form.pdfDental formschool-dental-form1613 KB
discipline-audit-executive-summary-2013.pdfDiscipline audit executive summary 2013discipline-audit-executive-summary-2013283 KB
discipline-audit-parent-and-carers-factsheet.pdfDiscipline audit parent and carers fact sheet 2013discipline-audit-parent-and-carers-factsheet200 KB
enrolment-agreement.pdfEnrolment agreementenrolment-agreement69 KB
enrolment-agreement-supporting-documents.pdfEnrolment agreement supporting documentsenrolment-agreement-supporting-documents417 KB
Enrolment Procedure and Timeline 2018.pdfEnrolment Procedure and Timeline 2018Enrolment Procedure and Timeline 2018352 KB
2016 ENROLMENT PROCEDURES - web.pdfEnrolment Procedures for 20162016 ENROLMENT PROCEDURES - web394 KB
EQ Official Media Consent Form.pdfEQ Official Media Consent FormEQ Official Media Consent Form340 KB
2017 Uniform order form.pdfFeb 2017 Uniform Order Form2017 Uniform order form390 KB
gifted-and-talented-sayler-checklist-for-parents.pdfGifted and talented checklist for parentsgifted-and-talented-sayler-checklist-for-parents85 KB
great-results-guarantee-overview.pdfGreat results guarantee overviewgreat-results-guarantee-overview408 KB
Guidance Consent form.pdfGuidance Action Request FormGuidance Consent form250 KB
IPS prospectus.pdfIndependent Public SchoolsIPS prospectus583 KB
ips-questions-answers-schools.pdfIndependent Public Schoolsips-questions-answers-schools344 KB
insurance-cover-for-students.pdfInsurance cover for studentsinsurance-cover-for-students11 KB
Internet and Email Agreement KPSS.pdfInternet and Email Parent and User Consent Internet and Email Agreement KPSS230 KB
I4S - IPS (SER) - Kimberley Park State School.pdfInvesting for Success Funding 2017I4S - IPS (SER) - Kimberley Park State School174 KB
Investing for Success KPSS 2018.pdfInvesting for Success KPSS 2018Investing for Success KPSS 2018573 KB
Kimberley Park  AIP  2015v1.pdfKimberley Park AIP 2015v1Kimberley Park AIP 2015v1655 KB
KP MGM Messaging Announcement.pdfKP MGM Messaging Announcement PDF 473 kBKP MGM Messaging Announcement427 KB
2018 Class School Map.pdfKPSS 2018 Campus Map2018 Class School Map418 KB
Kimberley Park State School Enrolment Form May 2018.pdfKPSS Enrolment Form May 2018 VersionKimberley Park State School Enrolment Form May 20182259 KB
KPSS Great Results 2014 (Final).pdfKPSS Great Results Summary of AchievementsKPSS Great Results 2014 (Final)311 KB
New Visual Identity Image.jpgKPSS new LOGONew Visual Identity Image75 KB
Transition-to-Prep 2019 with dates.pdfKPSS Pre-Prep Transition to 2019Transition-to-Prep 2019 with dates421 KB
Kimberley Park State School_Responsible Behaviour Management Plan_2018_Update.pdfKPSS Responsible Behaviour PlanKimberley Park State School_Responsible Behaviour Management Plan_2018_Update365 KB
2018 KPSS RBMP QUAD A Addendum.pdfKPSS Responsible Behaviour Plan QUAD A Addendum2018 KPSS RBMP QUAD A Addendum3044 KB
2018 Resource Scheme Participation Agreement.pdfKPSS Student Resource Scheme2018 Resource Scheme Participation Agreement67 KB
ResourceSchemeCoveringLetter 2018.pdfKPSS Student Resource Scheme LetterResourceSchemeCoveringLetter 2018135 KB
making_a_complaint.pdfMaking a Complaintmaking_a_complaint68 KB
KPSS - visual identity update - FAQs.pdfNew Proposed Visual Identity FAQsKPSS - visual identity update - FAQs180 KB
Media Release.pdfParent Media Consent formMedia Release204 KB
parent-refund-form.pdfParent refund formparent-refund-form134 KB
payment-options-for-schools.pdfPayment options for schoolspayment-options-for-schools169 KB
School Improvement Combined Booklet.pdfPedagogical FrameworkSchool Improvement Combined Booklet2191 KB
Enrolment Procedure and Timeline 2017.pdfPrep Enrolment Procedures and TimelinesEnrolment Procedure and Timeline 2017236 KB
Prep Ready Reckoner.jpgPrep Ready ReckonerPrep Ready Reckoner46 KB
refund-policy.pdfRefund policyrefund-policy212 KB
request-to-administer-medication.pdfRequest to administer medicationrequest-to-administer-medication128 KB
responsible-behaviour-plan.pdfResponsible behaviour planresponsible-behaviour-plan274 KB
SIU - Kimberley Park State School - Executive Summary - 2017.pdfSchool Improvement Executive Summary 2017SIU - Kimberley Park State School - Executive Summary - 2017527 KB
site-map.pdfSchool site mapsite-map91 KB
student-dress-code.pdfStudent dress codestudent-dress-code435 KB
teaching-learning-audit-executive-summary.pdfTeaching and learning audit executive summaryteaching-learning-audit-executive-summary114 KB
teaching-learning-audit-factsheet.pdfTeaching and learning audit factsheetteaching-learning-audit-factsheet358 KB
TUCKSHOPMENU_March_2018.pdfTerm One Tuckshop Menu 2018TUCKSHOPMENU_March_2018475 KB
Transition-to-Prep 2018.pdfTransition to Prep 2018Transition-to-Prep 2018415 KB
Transition-to-Prep 2019.pdfTransition to Prep 2019Transition-to-Prep 2019407 KB