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Principal’s welcome

Welcome to Kimberley Park
We are a co-educational school, located at Shailer Park. Our school has approximately 890 students enrolled from Prep to Year 6.
We have a continuing commitment to integrating technology into the classroom, the delivery of a relevant and engaging curriculum, modern facilities with spacious classrooms and a range of programs for Gifted and Talented students. We pride ourselves on working with students, parents and carers and the school community to deliver a world class education.
All schools will aspire to do much the same things.  In the public sector we have an exclusively child focus free of the business constraints that can encumber private enterprise.
Free to focus on our core business of working with families to get the best for every child brought to us for the best education we can give.
I believe that all schools want their students to succeed but that definition of success can differ.
We have known in education for decades that success at school does not equal success at life. Driving a purely academic agenda to climb exam rankings over rival schools moves our energy away from who we are and who we want to be. We know that old adage – about giving a man a fish – it will feed him for a day but teach him to fish and you’ll feed him for a lifetime.
It may be improbable that we will succeed in achieving the dream of a perfect school but it doesn’t mean that you don’t try.
The first thing you might hear about our school is that it is multi-age. That means that we have more than one year level in each teaching space. There are a couple of reasons for this. First, children are born into families where a household is made up of individuals of different ages – each helping the other. We like this concept.
Second, we do not like the idea that all children of one age all have to learn the same thing – things that are written into a school syllabus that give you only what you are allowed to learn in one school year. At KP multi-age is a way for us to “lift the lid on learning” – to free our teachers from syllabus constrains and free our students to learn what they are ready to learn.
Another thing you may hear about our school is that we have only a few school rules – Be safe, Be respectful and Be a learner. A lot of schools say that but then come the extras – restricted play areas, no personal technology – ridiculous things that in no way relate to the outside world. Our students need to learn how to behave and react to all sorts of challenges and the earlier they learn the better.
To prepare our students for the twenty-first century, we believe students should be literate and numerate, life-long learners, able to use information technology, creative and critical in their thinking, able to work cooperatively and able to direct their own learning.
That’s who we are.
There is a wide range of co-curricular activities which challenge children's abilities.
Our children have the opportunity to sing in a choir, play a musical instrument, design, build and program robots, dance,  speak in another language,  meet visiting students from other countries,  perform on stage and speak in public. They can also be the master of ceremonies at school events,  make films and to play sport at every level.
They have the opportunity to feel loved and cared for.
KP is a place where they can be – well, pretty much anything they want.
All the research tells us that the earliest years of life are most critical – and not just for academic performance. We aim to develop in our students a love of life, a love for the world around us, for life-long learning and a respect for one another.
  • We want to make contact with our future students as soon as we can.
  • We want to know them from their earliest years.
  • We want our future parents to see us as part of their families, to come to school events so that when their children do start school with us, we already know one another well.
  • We want to be part of them growing up into wonderful young people.
  • We want KP kids to be the best they possibly can be.
We love our school, our work mates - and our students most of all and we hope you will too.

James Forrest

School Principal