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Gifted students

Gifted Education Policy

Education Queensland's Framework for Gifted Education was sent to all schools during 2004.

The Framework consists of:

The Policy for the Education of Students who are Gifted Guidelines for Acceleration within the compulsory years of schooling.


As a learning community, Kimberley Park values the diverse gifts of its members. All students are treated as potentially gifted. Our aim is to provide a supportive learning environment where gifts and talents can be recognised, nurtured and developed.



Our in-class provision builds self-esteem and self-understanding with opportunities for enrichment, extension and acceleration.

Classrooms operate on the basis that:

  • all students can benefit from the many aspects of gifted education
  • learning is matched to students' needs and learning styles with opportunity for student/teacher negotiation
  • gifted students need a differentiated curriculum
  • opportunity is given for quick mastery of the basic skills through curriculum compacting
  • learning skills are explicitly taught - creative, critical and futures thinking, problem solving, decision making, research and cooperative skills
  • learning is enhanced through group interaction with opportunities for the interaction of like minds
  • students display real life products with evaluation by self, peer and real audiences.


In a classroom environment that is supportive and stimulating, gifts emerge. Our identification processes are multi-faceted, inclusive and ongoing because giftedness is developmental and not specific to gender, culture or socio-economic groups.


  • a supportive school environment which identifies, recognises and values a wide range of gifts and talents
  • students have increased control over and responsibility for their own learning
  • students have access to a differentiated curriculum inclusive of their learning styles and pace of learning
  • students are empowered to become self-directed life-long learners equipped to benefit the community and themselves.