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Enrolling at our school

Enrolment - All year levels

To be considered for enrolment at Kimberley Park State School, an Application for Student Enrolment form is required to be submitted to the school Principal. This form, along with the Enrolment Agreement, can be downloaded from the Related links section of this page.

KP Catchment Map

Kimberley Park has an Enrolment Management Plan that is used when the principal foresees that the total enrolment can exceed 1068 in all grades or 150 in the preparatory year. The following document and associated links within it explain the process.

Kimberley Park Enrolment Management Plan.pdf


 Enrolment Procedure and Timeline 2018

Applications will only be accepted for the year before a student is due to commence school at Kimberley Park. Applications will be accepted after 1 March each year.



Enrolment documents you must complete

You must download, complete and submit the following:
Student Resource Scheme
In 2018 Kimberley Park State School will again be offering families access to the bulk buying power of the Student Resource Scheme. This scheme gives significant discount to online subscriptions and also provides all stationery supplies to your child without the hassle of shopping. Please refer to the paperwork and information attached.
Please be aware if you have any outstanding payments owing to the school from last or previous years, you are ineligible to participate until these amounts are settled.
If you wish to participate/or not participate in this scheme for 2018, could you please complete the attached paperwork and return to the office as soon as possible? If school is closed, please scan and email to
Please ensure that you have read the Terms and Condition on page 2 so you understand your commitment once the paperwork is returned.
If you decide to not participate in the 2018 Resource Scheme, please refer to the 2018 Booklist.
If you any questions please do not hesitate to either email or phone the school office on 3451533 (during office and term hours).
Depending on your individual circumstances you may need additional paperwork including: Guidance and SNAC Investigation Parent Consent Form
Access Information from Outside Agencies Parent Consent Form
Enrolment interviews (other than for prep)
Once the student’s application for enrolment has been approved for eligibility,  students and their carers attend an enrolment interview.
Please bring to the enrolment interview:
  • The completed enrolment package
  • Proof of residence if claiming an in-catchment enrolment:-
    Parents or legal guardians who wish to enrol their child at the school will need to demonstrate that the student’s principal place of residence is within the catchment area. Current proof of residency at the address indicated can be provided by way of one of each of the following:
     One primary source – a current lease agreement, or rates notice, or unconditional sale agreement, and  One secondary :
    – a utility bill (e.g. electricity, gas) showing this same address and parent’s/legal guardian’s name
  • Proof of Date of Birth (identity) can be supported by:- Student’s birth certificate or extract, Immunisation records or Visa and Passport documentation if the student is not an Australian citizen
  • Any other relevant documents e.g. previous school reports, medical documents, speech therapy reports, some samples of recent school work.
Enrolment interviews are by appointment only.
Please contact the school office to make a mutually agreeable time for an enrolment interview

Enrolment agreement

Parents/carers must sign the enrolment agreement prior to your child attending for the first time. This agreement clearly states the school's expectations for effective enrolment agreement prior to your child attending for the first time. This agreement clearly states the school's expectations for effective participation in learning at Kimberley Park.  


Media Consent (copyright issues)

Throughout the school year images, filming, work samples and the like from our students are taken and recorded. Occasionally we use these media in places like our web site, in newsletters or even on brochures as part of our everyday work in promoting the school or demonstrating student achievement. Our Legal Services Branch has developed a form that allows parents to approves the various uses of these items or to ask for them not to be used for legal or other reasons. As a result we ask that you download and complete the Media Release form


Student absences

To report student absences please send a text to 0427 019 460 containing the student's:


day or days absent and


- this is a text only automated service.

Regular attendance promotes the best learning opportunities for students. If students are ill and cannot attend school please telephone the school office to notify the school of your child’s absence.

Please also provide a note to the teacher when your child returns to school to explain the student absence.

If you require to collect your child early or to leave the school throughout the day to attend an appointment please sign out your child in the school office.

Sometimes parents are required to collect their child during learning times to attend an appointment or to leave school grounds early. I request that parents please sign children out at the office before progressing to the classroom to collect them.

Advanced notice, in writing to the class teacher, will enable the teacher to support your child to be ready on time. This also provides students the opportunity to prepare any homework or catch-up work that their teacher may wish to negotiate with them. 


If your child requires medication that must be administered by the school under the directions of a medical practitioner then you must complete a Request to Administer Medication at School form (PDF, 128 KB).

Gifted education

If you believe that your child may be identified as Gifted you may wish to also download the Gifted and Talented Sayler Checklist for Parents (PDF, 85 KB).