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The Arts

Kimberley Park State School students use their creativity, imagination and senses to explore and express ideas, experiences, feelings, value and beliefs through Dance, Drama, Music, Media and Visual Art.  They develop and extend aesthetic understandings of arts elements and languages, creating and presenting their own art works.

Students demonstrate evidence of their learning over time in relation to:

  • knowledge and understanding of The Arts
  • creating
  • presenting
  • responding and reflecting.


Dance involves using the human body to express ideas, considering different audiences and purposes through practice, selection, creation and presentation of dance elements in movement sequences e.g. applying simple rhythmic patterns for timing of movements.


Drama involves using, selecting and modifying dramatic elements and conventions to express ideas, considering different audiences and intended purposes through dramatic action based on real or imagined events e.g. roles and characters can be presented from different perspectives using variations in voice, movement and focus.


Media involves interpreting and constructing meaning from a variety of media text types such as television shows, advertisements (print, audio or digital) and packaging.  Students consider intended audiences or purposes by considering and applying specific, strategic languages and technologies e.g. using eye-catching images and jingles for a marketing campaign to demonstrate understanding that representations in media texts have specific purposes and are designed to maximise audience impact.


Music involves singing, playing instruments, listening, moving, improvising and composing through the manipulation of music elements to express ideas through sound.  Students use contemporary and traditional music forms to:

  • investigate duration, beat, time values and metre to provide rhythm
  • consider how tone and harmony are used to organise music
  • explore vocal, instrumental and electronic sound sources
  • understand variations in softness or loudness of sounds and how emphasis of sounds is used to change expression in music.

Visual Arts

Visual arts involves investigation and application of the elements of colour, use of line, shape and texture to respond to and express ideas through images and objects.  Our students work with a range of examples and projects based in theoretical practice including construction, print making, drawing, painting and textiles.​