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The Australian Curriculum: English consists of three strands of:

  • Language (knowing about the English language)

  • Literacy (expanding the repertoire of English usage) and

  • Literature (understanding, appreciating, responding to, analysing and creating literature).

While the amount of time devoted to each strand may vary, each strand is of equal importance and each focuses on developing skills in listening, reading, viewing, writing and creating.

Texts provide the means for communication using English.  They can be written, spoken, print, digital/online or multimodal forms.  Multimodal texts combine language with other means of communication such as visual images or soundtracks.  Tasks students undertake while learning the subject English at Kimberley Park State School involve producing and responding to a range of imaginative, informative and persuasive texts from the perspectives of the three strands of Literacy, Literature and Language.​