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​A note for parents

The following is information for you and your child regarding expectations for weekly homework. Homework is given every Monday and is due back at school on Friday. It is expected that homework should not take any longer than 20 minutes each night. Independent work is encouraged, while it is understood some children may need motivation, children should not require a great deal of assistance.

Homework that children are required to complete is not new work, rather a follow up of concepts already covered at school. If there are any questions about the homework it is encouraged that your child discusses this with the teachers.

What I need to do each week


Each week you will have to learn ten to twelve spelling words. You will be given your list of spelling words on Monday. Each night you will have to practise spelling the words using the 'Look', 'Say', 'Cover', 'Write', 'Check' method. Your spelling words will be tested on Fridays.


Every week you will have maths homework, it will usually consist of one of the following:

  • Learning number facts (e.g. multiplication & division).
  • Practising a concept you have learnt at school.
  • A problem solving activity.


Every night you should read for at least 15 minutes (more if possible). Choose a book you enjoy and one that is not too difficult to read. Reading to mum, dad or a big brother or sister is also a great way to practice your reading.


Each week you will be given an activity that relates to our theme in class. This could involve designing something, researching a topic or completing a specific task. The task will vary week to week.

Online learning

Children are also expected to spend some time completing activities using online resources such as Mathletics, Spellodrome and Reading Eggspress. These sites require a log on and password. Children are issued with these each year.

Lost your username or password? Email Mr. Manning to have your password emailed back to you.

Access to these online learning tools are covered in the Kimberley Park resource scheme. A number of other online learning resources can be found in the 'Links' section of the site.