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Homework Policy

It is an expectation of the Kimberley Park State School community that all students abide by the Homework Policy. An application to enrol at Kimberley Park state school is taken as acceptance of this policy.

Download our Homework Policy 2014 (PDF, 304 KB).


Our school Community believes that homework provides students with opportunities to consolidate their classroom learning, pattern behaviour for lifelong learning beyond the classroom and involve family members in their learning. The setting of homework takes into account the need for students to have a balanced lifestyle. This includes sufficient time for family, recreation and cultural pursuits.

Homework that enhances student learning:

  • is purposeful and relevant to students needs
  • is appropriate to the phase of learning (early, middle and senior)
  • is appropriate to the capability of the student
  • develops the student's independence as a learner
  • is varied, challenging and clearly related to class work
  • allows for student commitment to recreational, employment, family and cultural activities.


Homework can engage students in independent learning to complement work undertaken in class through:

  • revision and critical reflection to consolidate learning (practising for mastery)
  • applying knowledge and skills in new contexts (a topic of interest, an authentic local issue)
  • pursuing knowledge individually and imaginatively (investigating, researching, writing, designing, making
  • preparing for forthcoming classroom learning (collecting relevant materials, items, information).

Homework schedule

The amount of time students should spend on homework each week.

In the Prep Year, generally students will not be set homework.

Years 1-3: Could be up to but generally not more than 1 hour per week.

Years 4-5: Could be up to but generally not more than 2-3 hours per week.

Years 6-7: Could be up to but generally not more than 3-4 hours per week.


The student will be asked to complete their homework in their own break time

After 3 consecutive weeks a “failure to complete homework” letter will be sent home to advise parents. Parents will be asked to acknowledge this letter and if they wish for their child not to be part of the school homework policy they need to indicate this in writing.